Fantasia DMT


DMT use can cause you to:

the ability to see and hear things that aren’t there (hallucinate), which can be a positive or negative experience.
Feel as though time and movement are accelerating or decelerating, or as though colors and noises are warped; this is frequently referred to as “visuals”
a double entendre
sensation of being outside of one’s body
How does it affect how people act?
Like any hallucinogenic substance, people can have unpredictable reactions. Buy dmt online New Zealand, DMT for sale online Auckland, Buy dmt vape carts online Christchurch, 5-meo dmt for sale Wellington, Buy 4 aco dmt NZ, Hamilton

Depending on how much you’ve taken, how big you are, and any other drugs you may have taken, determines how long the effects continue and the drug stays in your system.